I am primarily a painter and I work fairly laboriously in oil paint on gesso panels or boards a build up of  layers paint gives a complexity and depth to the surface which is often difficult to negotiate because of its sheen sometimes they have embossed embedded elements removed and added over time.

I am  interested in the object, the overlooked the discarded, the collected the lost, the narrative and history of that object. I have made work responding to Lost Property, the discarded object, the souvenir the emphemeral, examining those objects considering their past their form and their signifance.

Art gives the past a form saves it from disintegration and change.

Melanie Miller



Melanie Miller






1986 Maidstone College of Art B.A hons Fine Art. 

2002 Wimbledon School of Art M.A in Painting.

Solo Exhibitions: 

2018-2019 “The Form Of Things Unknown” Le Salon Vert Geneva Switzerland

2014 “Natural History” Long and Ryle.London February

2011 “Close: Still” Millenium St Ives June

2010 ”Moth Boy and Bees” Long and Ryle. London September

2009 “Small Truths” Millennium St Ives October

Forgotten Landscapes . Long and Ryle

2008 “Particular” Hilton Young Penzance

Gallery Artists Vertigo Gallery . London

Inanimate . Chapel Gallery Penzance

Exhibitions curated:

2018 “Seen Unseen” an exhibition with five painters and a poet. Alice Oswald , Juliette Losq, Sue Williams A’court, Anna Gardiner, Louise McClary, Melanie Miller

Long and Ryle London June to September 2018

selected recent exhibitions include:

2002-06 2005-13 2015-19 Royal Academy Summer exhibition

2002-2016 2017, 2019 ‘The Discerning Eye’ Mall galleries, London

2009-13 2015-17 “Columbia Threadneedle Prize” (Shortlisted 2009)

Art Fairs 

Art Miami

London Art Fair

International Print Fair

20/21 art Fair 



2019 KIRA: Kingsbrae International residency for the Arts Canada